Your Internal Developer Platform S**ks!

Alan Barr



As a business scales, it becomes critical to change how developers do their work. Creating leverage for other developers is key to growth. An internal developer platform comes in to help. An IDP is a collection of tools, utilities, knowledge, self-service APIs, and support that help your software teams work better. Building an internal developer platform is a lot of work. This talk will go into depth about the process of creating a platform from zero to one. Once you build your platform, the journey is just starting. Your next challenge is user growth and expansion of the platform.

Alan Barr will share his experience building a platform. Cloud-native internal developer platform at Veterans United Home Loans. He will discuss what his team learned in providing a Kubernetes-based platform. Training and educating users on Kubernetes. You will learn about the challenges Alan and his team faced building a platform and transitioning teams to it.


Alan Barr is passionate about building internal developer platforms. He works for Veterans United Home Loans as a platform product owner. He wants to help others that are starting their journey on the path to create a platform to make development jobs easier. In his free time, he likes nature, spending time with his family, walking his dog, reading books, and learning new things.

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