Writing Tips from Write of Passage

David Perell figured it out. A method of writing that is natural for people to learn. You can watch the video. It is an introduction to his course he offers. Here are the main points.

Write CLEAR sentences

  • Create a rhythm
  • Link your sentences
  • Eliminate anything confusing
  • Add colorful details
  • Remove unnecessary words

In your sentences, you want to use people know yet do not say. Structure your writing like a story roller coaster. Paint the scene, introduce conflict, resolve the conflict.

Practice FAST writing.

  • Find
  • Assemble
  • Speak
  • Teach

In other words, find resources and assemble them into a new structure. Speaking is the natural way we order our thoughts. Give yourself two to three minutes to explain an idea and transcribe it. Finally, teach others. They will teach you back.