Writing Short

Writing is re-writing. Write two drafts and write one final document. Elicit feedback. Apply what makes sense to apply. Tear it apart and write new articles. Break down your message. Reform and reshape it. Split it up and stitch it back together.

Imagine I am your reader. My attention is the most valuable resource I can give. I want to see you show up. I want to be engaged. I want to walk away with a clear idea of what I need to do next. Or a new view on an old topic. Leave me with three things to remember. Tell me at the start and remind me at the end. If my time is my most precious asset, I will skim and skip the proof. If you are an unknown, I will side-eye your evidence that led to the message.

  • Writing is for adding value to others
  • The best writing is re-written at least three times
  • You need to ship and consider the feedback