The Two Reasons You Should Learn Tech Skills as a Product Manager in 2022

Learning technology skills in 2022 will help you become a more self-sufficient product manager. The two reasons are becoming more autonomous and independent from your engineering team. Tell me this does not sound like something you ran into; you want to experiment on your product, but you need to ask for engineering time. The horror! The task is beyond simple such as reordering a user interface, placing a new button, combining data from APIs.

You balance in your head all the priorities. You start picturing the stakeholders waiting for engineering time to try their brand new business idea. You start remembering the technical debt cleanup tasks your team keeps bringing up for that product that never got traction. Since you lack the skills, you mope and move on with your life. Maybe when there is time in a couple of quarters? Bummer. Sound familiar?

Self-sufficiency in technical skills helps you be more autonomous and independent of your team. You can also engage in technical conversations that engineers adore when you ask a clarifying technical question.

  • Get your data for analytics (SQL/Excel/Python Pandas).
  • Prototype ideas on your own (HTML/CSS/JS & Low Code Tools).
  • Learn about the fundamentals of APIs and how they work.
  • Learning how the Internet / World Wide Web works.