Righting Software, Initial Thoughts

Juval Löwy is the author of Righting Software: A Method for System and Project Design. “Righting Software” is one of the rare books on software development that gives me pause; Causing me to reflect and rethink all software projects I worked on. Juval makes a bold claim in his conference presentations that he has a 100% success rate on all his projects.

Software Plan It is easy to dismiss this book as the return of waterfall and big design upfront. It is not. The core idea is that your job as an architect, product manager, and project manager is to present management options for new projects. The Software Development Plan provides management the information to decide to pursue projects or stop them. To create a Software Development Plan, use the critical path method to estimate the amount of time the project will take. The critical path is the destination to the business feature. In Juval’s analogy of a car, that business feature is transportation. Transportation reveals itself when all the parts connect into a complete system.

Whether you choose to adopt Juval’s “The Method,” you will agree that this book has a unique perspective on making a software project successful.