Miro Basics


Sharing is open by default on new projects. Open sharing pane and lock it down if you do not want others in your organization to peek into the board by accident.


Miro has a desktop application which makes it easier not to get lost in browser tabs. It also features apps for iOS and Android.

On the left bar there is a mouse cursor or a hand. If your cursor is a hand it is for moving the canvas. The mouse cursor can move the canvas and it can also select objects on the canvas.

Every object on the canvas is linkable by right clicking and choosing copy link.

Miro Cursor The bottom right corner features a minimap which makes navigating the canvas easier along with zooming in or out which can be done with a scroll wheel on a mouse or pinching on a phone or table.

Miro Minimap

Tool Bar

The bottom tool bar has a few key features. A presenter mode that removes much of the user interface controls.

presenter A frame list button features the image or an outline mode.

frame list A list of all comments on the board.

comments As well as an activity feed to see what’s changed since you last visited.

activity feed

Left Tool Bar


The purpose of a frame is to organize content. It makes it easier to navigate through a boards content if it is bordered by a frame. An additional benefit of a frame is the ability to export the contents as an image or PDF. Use the lock icon on your frames so that you or others do not accidentally move your content.



Similar to other text editing tools. There is a max font size but manual resizing can always make things bigger.

Sticky, Bulk Sticky

Stickies are great because they provide a color background to text. They come in three sizes but can be resized like most objects. You can add emojis and tags to stickies. Bulk mode makes it easy for brainstorming group ideas and entering in ideas rapidly. If you copy cells of a spreadsheet they will be pasted in as stickies.


Works well with the iPad pencil but not my favorite app. Moving writing or grouping it is a little challenging.


Comments are great for discussion and feedback on items. Allowing for marking content as resolved and tagging people to respond to the comment.


You can upload images and common office application documents such as docs, spreadsheets, slideshows, and PDFs. You can choose to display a certain page or extract pages out on the board. If using Google Documents there are additional capabilities.


Tables, formerly named grids. Table cell will resize based on size of cell content. Easier than manipulating boxes one by one.



Hundreds of templates some better than others. Start with popular most of them are focused on agile, product prioritization or planning, or other activities.

Miroverse Templates

Community templates focused on their specialties.

Extras and Integrations

IconFinder is a great resource for quick and easy images to add to your board. Many other integrations available.