Kubernetes Platform Management Tools

Do you ever run kubectl against a cluster and then realize, ugh I need a different version of kubectl! Well, then Lens, is the tool for you. I love Rancher managing my Kubernetes clusters. The Rancher UI is not as stable as I prefer. Lens gives you clear and direct access to manage your Kubernetes clusters and view at a high level what is going on. You can access logs easily and quickly reach other information about your Kubernetes cluster. Lens is indispensable because it provides an administrator quick access to solve problems and find what is going on in a cluster.

Would it be nice to receive some feedback on your YAML manifests and helm charts? While I have not used Monokle, I am optimistic tools like Monkle will become more prevalent. YAML declarative manifests provide a specific description of how something should be installed or operated. Unfortunately, how do you know what you’ve composed is trustworthy, accurate, or reliable? I’m excited to see more tools offer feedback in this space in the future.