My June 2020 Influences

Podcasts I continue to listen to

This list is not in any particular order just ten that I continue to come back to and consume.

  • Postlight Podcast
    • I enjoy listening to this podcast because Paul and Rich cover all the ups and downs of working in an enterprise focused on software development. The highs like creating wonderful platforms for customers and the lows such as constant sprawling tools and other challenges.
  • The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast
    • John is a great speaker and is constantly coming up with new content. I had my doubts in the past how someone could be as prolific as he is but he is committed to helping others and has good awareness of his limits.
  • The GaryVee Audio Experience
    • Gary has wonderful passion for helping and encouraging people. I think he’s a great coach and since covid has been doing live sessions on youtube with his audience interviewing his followers and pushing them out of their comfort zone.
  • Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast
    • I am not in sales but sales principles and listening to sales leaders helps me and I enjoy the content and discussion related to growing a business.
  • The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani
    • Vishen has great interviews with people and I think he’s someone to listen to and keep an eye on into the future.
  • At the Table with Patrick Lencioni
    • Patrick has great information about building and growing teams and leaders and the podcasts covers thought provoking topics about improving one’s leadership style.
  • Coaching for Leaders
    • Many great conversations with leadership people on different topics. With each episode referencing previous related episodes.
  • EntreLeadership
    • Fun to listen to with animated hosts talking about real day to day leadership and business thinking.
  • ThoughtWorks Podcast
    • ThoughtWorks is an impactful technology consultancy that is covering the latest and greatest trends in enterprise software.
  • How to Be Awesome at Your Job
    • Consistently great content and guests spanning a wide range of topics related to improving one’s abilities with a focus on actionable activities.

Top Three Books I recommend others to read