My March 2019 Influential Books and Podcasts

July 2019 Influences

These days I am interested in the art and science of selling. After reading Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss I have heard it being referenced a lot by various sales entities, podcasts and while watching an interview with the author I heard about a data driven organization called that has an amazing blog. What is amazing about the blog is how data driven it is and illustrates what truly works in the realm of sales. My favorite article is on making a great presentation but there are many other great articles.

I would love to one day become involved in a sales cycle with a vendor that could listen and cater their product to my needs. Even when I know I want to buy something it continues to be incredibly painful and difficult. While a vendor may say they spend a lot of time disqualifying potential clients I have yet to actually see this practiced. It truly should be practiced more often.

John Maxwell’s leadership podcast is excellent as a great way to access his speeches on leadership and I’m still suprised how fresh he continues to stay despite so much content produced.

How to Prepare for Negotiations with Pete Mockaitis great episode with Kwame Christian from the American Negotiation Institute

Michael Bolton on the Testing Mindset great interview on where testing is going. I definitely recommend Infoq for staying up to date on software architecture and their QCon videos.

Moviepy is a wonderful wrapper around ffmpeg in python that makes it simple to make bulk edits to videos. I avoided using a GUI movie editor and ended up saving hours of my life when I only wanted was to chop the beginning and end of many videos I recorded.