Internal Developer Platform Community

I am excited to share with you that I am a featured expert on the Internal Developer Platform Community. The great people at Humanitec put this together to benefit people that are starting this journey. I am grateful for their hard work. Cloud-native transformation is a challenging journey. We need all the help we can get.

Now a couple of words of warning for all you new to this journey. A Cloud-native transformation is an organizational transformation. People, Processes, and Tools. An internal developer platform is not your business’ differentiator. Skip the headache. Save time and solve your business problems. I admit I cannot follow my advice. The company I serve has severe constraints that blocked me from taking an easier route. For the rare individual, this might be your predicament too. Please excuse that and think about how your business can benefit. Speed up your journey and enable new business capabilities.

Whats Next This rough mental model focuses on what a growing/scaling enterprise might need to spend time doing to scale up its abilities. Think of event-driven being optional if your scale necessitates stability. Becoming an API-First organization is mandatory. if you want to compete and build new businesses out of your existing offerings. I envision that Dev.Lab will enable software engineers to create better reusable empathetic APIs in the organization. Those APIs can build new and better business experiences. Leading to new entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial opportunities.