Help me improve Visual Studio IDE's remote SSH debug experience

I need your help! Please vote up these issues one, two, and three I submitted to the Visual Studio community.

Why should I bother logging into this website and voting up these requests?

Great question! Ok, here’s the thing. Kubernetes is great for enterprises. The continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline is slow and there isn’t a whole lot that can be done to speed it up. Instead I want to provide Okteto for a rapid inner loop development experience. It does this by moving the development to the remote cluster so as a developer your setup is minimal.

Here’s the challenge, I live in the .NET world and the Visual Studio IDE is dominant for C# usage. Could we write C# using VSCode? Sure. We could but let’s be honest the omnisharp library is not as powerful as what is in the Visual Studio IDE. What I love about Okteto is the cognitive load is light and currently the barrier is VS IDE’s rough edges around remote SSH debugging.

  1. Visual Studio does not look for sshconfig and wants you to type out everything in detail. Including the private key which Okteto needs
  2. The remote SSH config experience is a bit of a kludge. A big find button is nearby you shouldn’t click.
  3. msvsmon.exe crashes and requires closing and reopening Visual Studio IDE

What makes improving the developer experience so hard?

Old habits get in our way and some times we overvalue the hard work we put into learning difficult to use tools. To get started there are progressive hoops to jump through to do anything. Did you save the config file to your .kube folder in your user folder? Did you download the Okteto binary to a location on your computer and add it to your system path? If you’ve lived in the Windows world for years does it feel natural to you to go into your environment variables and update your path? Windows 10 has improved that experience, thankfully. Not sure about you but I only recently received WSL2 and Windows Terminal on my work desktop and could that be the bleeding edge for the enterprise?

Spectrum between ease and power

I want to find the middle ground. Power when I need it and ease of use and clicky button GUIs when I want navigate and explore.