Help me make the best value adding organization in the country

I need help from people that want to help transform a ‘mortgage company’ into a life transformation company via housing and housing-related products. It is going to be a tremendous journey. Unlike anything, I’ve ever worked on before. I need kind, humble, empowered, and authentic people to join me to power this initiative. Build and maintain the platforms for others to build their products on. I need platform engineers, platform QA, and platform software engineers to join me on this journey. I won’t link to it because only people looking for a real opportunity will reach for this. You might even ask yourself, ‘why would I want to work in the middle of nowhere when I can work in Silicon Valley for a billion RSUs?’ If that is what you are looking for, please move on. Do you want to work on impactful problems? Do you want to enable real everyday people to have easier lives via technology? Join me. If you like what I write, you might enjoy working with me.