Explicit Values

Working remotely, you cannot stride into an office building like you once did. People can only observe you in meetings or via your writing. More than ever, it is important to “put yourself out there.” The way to do that is through writing. In a large organization, it may not be easy to reach or access you. You might have built up a reputation over time. For the new people, you are a blank slate.

I write about my trials because I hope others can see what I stand for. From skimming these blogs, you can pick up on my story and what I fight for every day. I remember a time I worked at a burgeoning company whose values felt at odds with my own. I choose to be consistent with my values. What makes this company different is how we act, especially the leadership. We are humble, accessible, egalitarian, caring, persuadable, charitable, and inclusive. For someone new starting in this remote environment sharing the culture’s stories becomes even more critical. One example is talking to the founders.

There is the origin story of the company that everyone learns when they start. I build stories on top of that with my interactions with the founders. Or with people, I respect in other parts of the organization that influence me. Be explicit about what you value. The people around you will pay attention and thank you for tipping them off. Share the powerful stories of those around you that represent the best elements of your culture. You are missing an opportunity if you are not.