The dev.lab Enterprise OS Vision

This is a big vision for what I want to turn dev.lab into. I need people that can help me with developing the security, observability, and data platforms. Expect this document to evolve.


In ten years, dev.lab is the foundation for all global small to medium businesses for secure software development. It will act as the enterprise OS running in any cloud or on-premises. dev.lab is the preferred software development platform for businesses that do not want to create and maintain their own platforms. The dev.lab platform will impact one billion people’s lives. This impact will occur due to the new business models created through streamlined software development practices. The dev.lab enterprise OS lets engineers focus on product development.

Software development is unnecessarily complex, different for no good reason, and challenging for developers as they navigate between projects. For the majority of enterprise commodity API applications, there are no benefits to differentiation. The dev.lab suite of offerings seeks to solve a wide selection of problems that all businesses face as they scale.

Code is a liability. The subtle differences of individual choices create excess cognitive load for future maintainers. Talent is hard to find and expensive. Access to talent is constrained. We seek to maximize the value via an opinionated platform.

Hospitality Based Platform

The dev.lab enterprise OS serves the diverse needs of software engineers using the platform. Every choice and decision focuses on providing an experience that is thoughtful and empathetic to the users. We created an unparalled API-First development experience. We also encourage advanced uses that may not meet our hospitality criteria because we know businesses have diverse problems to solve.

Software Platform, Architecture, and Remediation

As companies scale, moving teams and products around is essential. The dev.lab platform provides the capabilities to help remediate older applications, upgrade them in place, address cross-cutting concerns and keep teams as decoupled as possible. The dev.lab enterprise OS seeks a consistent flow of software delivery. Without wasting time due to misaligned priorities. Smooth empathetic API development, internal software resource catalogs, API gateways, and many other techniques.

Observability Platform

The dev.lab enterprise OS provides dashboards and alerts for software systems. You want your software to tell you when there are problems. You also want those problems fixed quickly with minor impact. The majority of work for software teams is in maintenance. We want to minimize the trouble it takes for engineers to diagnose issues.

Security Platform

With the dev.lab enterprise OS we handle the security for you. We want software engineers to know about problems they can fix before they reach production. Keeping pace with a constant onslaught of new vulnerabilities in legacy systems is not tenable for the majority of small to medium-sized businesses.

Data Platform

The value your business provides is the data generated. We want to make sure that your data is safe and protected. The more standardized and consistent your data remains, the easier it is to maintain and understand.

Education and Training

Continuous lifelong learning is essential in a rapidly accelerating world of technology. The dev.lab curriculum can educate a new generation of green software engineers into product-minded engineers crafting new business models in under two years. The dev.lab suite of products supports businesses that are in it for the long haul. As your business grows, you want knowledge and information accessible, timely, and relevant. The dev.lab system offers systems that help you curate information and empowers your teams to bring in their standards, knowledge, and expertise. Working in an enterprise connecting with other software engineers, product experts, and subject matter experts is essential in experimenting with new products. We want to make it easy for businesses to create a community of learners contributing to an organizational knowledge-building system. We want you to get answers to your questions quickly and easily.

Flow Focused Development

The dev.lab enterprise OS helps software developers obtain fast feedback in doing their work. The dev.lab self-service portal is where you access development resources. It is also a community of people that you can learn from and contribute back. In the past, as a developer, you thought of your IDE as your rapid inner loop development platform. With the enterprise OS, your rapid inner loop development widens to a knowledge base and a community of practitioners. You will have much more information, knowledge, and expertise from others to help you broaden and deepen your skills.

Community Building

The community OS enables a company to connect its employees socially. Through events, book clubs, and community activities that bring people together to nurture stronger bonds. Many companies can benefit from leveraging the existing talent they have already and connecting them with others. We see lots of value in building relationships in companies with people who might never have a chance to connect. We believe that strong communities build more resilient businesses.

dev.lab Enterprise OS Team

Hospitality and service are central to the development and support for businesses globally using dev.lab. Since this is a big vision, this requires people that are resilient leaders. These are people that can create other leaders on their own. They are high-performers that make the most of their daily jobs and enjoy their lives outside work. They have strong bonds and connections with the people they work with and take time to connect with others in other departments via our community OS initiatives. These people are fantastic communicators that know how to balance in-depth written research with rapid experimentation and hypothesis testing. They know what medium is best to communicate the message they are sending.

They are courageous people who are willing to challenge the status quo. They constantly go the extra mile to grow themselves and others in their expertise and interests. A constant refrain is that “anything is possible” because it is with this group. Achieving our big goals comes from kind communication and a deep mutual respect and accountability for each other. Everyone is empowered to improve our processes, decision-making, and strategy. We encourage each other and celebrate taking appropriate risks to move us forward. We focus on positivity while balancing that with critical thinking and caution when required.