2021 Wrap Up

2021 Accomplishments

  • Start and continue a podcast.
  • Traction on YouTube with Product Strategy related videos.
  • Restart my Twitter account now that I understand a better strategy around Twitter.

Unexpected Results

YouTube connected me with great people. Such as Mohammed and Dima. They’ve given me great feedback on my writing. My blog and contact form encouraged this type of interaction.

I find it easier to create podcasts than other mediums. I’m still deciding on an editing workflow for YouTube.

My digital garden and podcast offer me a medium to create content more regularly and better learn the material.

I learned that the productive use of Twitter is to receive feedback on your writing and thinking. Many leaders in their field are incredibly accessible and responsive to testing your ideas.

I networked with many building/running internal platforms and selling platform products. I’m excited about this field because I can only see a world with more platforms of all kinds. Anyone can build a lasting business.

2022 Goals

  • Consider making podcast cover interviews with software industry people I’ve met and alternating with in-depth technical content.
  • Create more book summary blogs, podcasts, and Youtube videos.
  • Write more blog posts related to minimal programming scripts.
  • Build a community of software/product professionals working on internal tools/platforms.
  • Use Twitter as a feedback mechanism for writing and content ideas.
  • Give back and share value more actively and prolifically.
  • Make covering technology topics entertaining and engaging.

Thanks for reading and have a great 2022!